Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ginger Rugai and alternatives

MTGP has also read a crapload regarding the 19th ward alderman. MTGP has heard everything from Ald. Rugai not controlling the 22nd district to her pulling the strings of the commander in 022. We do not know the truth. However, we do know that the unhappiness in this community is growing. After all, we started this blog and in less than a month with little to no advertising, we have been getting over 200 hits a day and growing.

Communities across America are waking up to the lies that we have been told by those in power. Both nationally, state and locally. Those that are in power have been in power for too long. That power has gotten to our politicians' head and they have become elitists. They feel as if they know better than everyone else and if they can just placate their population with false promises and false hope, then they can stay in power forever. The result of America waking up is going to be a removal of incumbents and those that America sees has having anything to do with the lies, deceit and trouble that we are in.

That should also happen locally. Ald. Rugai is a powerful alderman with some seniority. She is on the police/fire committee in the city council. That is a powerful committee that ultimately has a major say in where the money goes to the police department. Do you think that the powers that be in the police department would listen to her? You bet your ass they would. Including the 022nd district commander.

So, if Ald. Rugai demanded that 2211 and 2211a remained on their beat for the entire tours of duty, I don't think the commander of 022 or anyone above could tell her no.

Add on to this that Alderman Rugai was initially appointed as alderman by Mayor Daley and that should make anyone want to vote out the incumbent.

As for who you vote for, we do not have an opinion as of yet. New blood is always better than old blood. And if the new blood does not work out, vote them out.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bashing 22nd District Police

MTGP has read a tit for tat regarding officers in 022. Our feelings on this subject are as follows.

If you are the working police, assigned to 2211 or 2211a and make every effort to work your beat, then we welcome you with open arms. Work your beat means stopping people, whether they be police officer's kids or the outsiders that are the biggest problem, answering calls and patroling the neighborhood you are assigned to. Work your beat does not mean go east to get arrests. Wrong place for it.

If name calling of a kid is the biggest complaint, we can live with that. Many times we get only half a story and we do not know what really happened that possibly resulted in the name being called. No appologies necessary. What seperates us from the rest of the 'shitty' is that we do not negatively react to the little things and threaten police with CR numbers and/or IPRA. A thick skin goes a long way and respect does as well.

If you are not the working police and immediately hate everything about Mt. Greenwood, then I am sure there are plenty of openings in 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008 etc... You are not welcome in this district and especially on this beat.

Lastly, if you work in 022, know who you are protecting. The citizens of Mt. Greenwood truly are the tax paying citizens. Some of us our professionals. Some of us are your brothers in blue. Some of us are the rescue workers. Some of us keep Mt. Greenwood alive with our businesses. Ultimately, a large majority of us have your back and respect the work you do. There are not that many places on the southside that you can say that about.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2211a and Outside Units

3 offenders got shot and killed at 76th and Coles on Tuesday and the response was massive. Outdoor roll calls, extra patrols and every resource the Chicago Police Department has deployed to an area that barely pays any taxes and probably would give two shits if the assholes got buried right where they layed or was picked up by Streets and Sanitation.

We have a robbery and burglary spree and we get nothing.

76th and Coles gets 2211a for an outdoor roll call.

We still get nothing. MTGP has also heard from a little birdie that MSF was recently deployed to 016 to help out over there. Our response, good for them, the 016 district is another tax paying community and deserves some police response. Our only thought is, when is 022 going to get some extra help. MSF, TRU, anyone? At this point, Mount Greenwood residents would just be happy to have 2211 and 2211a on the beat all the time.

If the city wants vigilantism, they will get it. MTGP is sure that our community could take care of itself if it had to.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From Chicago Breaking News:

Police have questioned and released an 80-year-old retired Army veteran who they said shot and killed an armed man who was breaking into the elderly man's East Garfield Park home this morning.

The homeowner, his 83-year-old wife and their 12-year-old great-grandson were sleeping in the first-floor apartment of his two-flat in the 600 block of North Sawyer when he was awakened by the sound of breaking glass about 5:20 a.m., police said.

Another perfect example of why you should keep a weapon around you, at all times, in your house. You never know when you might need it.

God Bless the 80 year old Army veteran.

Burn in Hell offender.

Handgun arrest on 2211?

Does anyone have the details on a handgun arrest on 2211's beat? We are wondering if it was a gang banger or some outsider that had the gun. If it is an outsider, then this was one of the better arrests on the beat. Who knows what kind of crime was stopped with that arrest. Post any details of the arrest in the comments.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All's quiet on the western front?

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have had a lack of crime, minus some nuisance stuff. Like 2211 making some weed arrests on the beat. Good work by the way! We have heard nothing of any burglaries, robberies or other b.s. stuff. Maybe we fell out of the loop recently, but the lack of chirping of crime is encouraging.

That being said, don't stop paying attention to the people around you. We are still here and are still posting and looking at comments. If you have info, please post.

Enjoy this weather, go to the park, play in your yard and be vigilant.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

8th District Police Burglary

From In and Around Garfield Ridge

A pair of home burglaries Friday in Chicago has police combing the streets. They're not typical break-ins. They happened at the homes of two Chicago police officers.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports that thieves got away with a 0.9 mm handgun, ammunition, a gun belt, a Chicago Police Department star and body armor vest -- all from one officer's home on the Southwest side.

About three miles away, also on the Southwest side, thieves hit another officer's home. Sometime between 4:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., they rummaged through two cars in the garage. Police say they took a stereo, a Chicago Police Department uniform shirt and name plate and a pair of handcuffs.

They are targeting the police. This is a concern for our neighborhood. This does not sound like a normal burglary. This sounds like someone had a specific target. Watch your neighbors home. Watch your back, officers, when you are on your way home. If you can help it, change your behavior patterns so that people do not get used to how you operate. Garfield Ridge is not that far away and it is one of the neighborhoods that MTGP listed as the last remaining safe neighborhoods on the southside...and the criminal element knows this. They also know about Mt. Greenwood.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Car Wash

This is Mark Mayer. My family owns the car wash at 11500 S. Kedzie. I am a chicago police officer. My self, my family members and numerous police officers that use the car wash everyday have not seen this type of activity. We would not stand for it. If someone was approached and offered narcotics. Why weren't the police notified? If someone saw suspicious activity there. Why werent the police notified? If you have information(type of car or suspect description). Call me. My number is 773-837-5294. I talked to numerous police officers that said that none of that activity goes on there. I think alot of people that talk on blogs don't have any real information or facts and dont know what they are talking about. My family and myself personally know customers that are chicago police and fireman who come in with 22inch rims.

Thank you Mark for taking an active role in the community. Our staff patronizes your car wash and will continue to do so. The stereotype of rims on a vehicle should not be the decisive factor in determining a criminal element has been loitering in a business. There have been comments regarding 115th and Kedzie and the car wash. It is good to know that there is a business out there that we can count on that will watch for any trouble.

As a community, if you see something suspicious at the car wash, the gas station, your neighborhood, it is your duty to call 911. Let the police check it out. Make our neighborhood safer.

And as we have encouraged before, patronize Mt. Greenwood businesses. Especially the ones that seem to have the best interests of our neighborhood at hand. The strength of our local neighborhood economy can only strengthen our neighborhood. Jobs, charity and the political power of a neighborhood gained when money is involved. That is the only thing politicians respond to.

Low Turnout at Beat Meeting

MTGP has learned that there were not many people at the beat meeting last night. Was everyone in Mt. Greenwood working or too busy to attend? MTGP heard in the comments that there was a Marist graduation. Maybe that could explain the low turnout. In any case, we are going to contiuously post the next beat meeting date and time until the next meeting. Make a show of force. It is only an hour long meeting, but we can grab some attention to our community if we show up.

Squeaky wheel gets that grease.

June 17, 2010
Mt. Greenwood Park

Be there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DO NOT Politicize an officer's death


  • Asked whether Wortham’s deaths provides a boost for the city’s battle for what Daley termed “common-sense gun laws,” the mayor said: “Oh, I hope so. I hope it does. Here’s a young man [who] served twice in Iraq. Father’s a police officer, an unbelievable police officer. You better believe it. It does add [momentum], and it should. It should wake up America.”

    If Wortham’s attackers couldn’t obtain guns, Daley said, Wortham’s shooting “never would have happened. Access to guns in America — everybody can have guns. It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter if they have a criminal record or not. They have access to guns. That’s the most frustrating issue.”

MTGP does not believe a single thing that this Dipstick says and he is wrong for using the death of a police officer as a way to further his political goals.

We have a God given right to protect ourselves from harm. Period. By any means necessary. Do not let Dipstick take those God given rights away. Now, more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and our community. If we need to use guns, use them and go home to your family every day.

Beat Meeting

I know our fellow police officers are reeling from the death of Ofc. Wortham, however, unless the meeting is cancelled, we need to attend. What happened to Ofc. Wortham could happen here in Mt. Greenwood if we do not take action. This post is bumped to the top so that everyone knows the when/where of the beat meeting tonight.

May 20, 2010
2211 Beat Community Meeting
Contact Details: CAPS Office 312-745-0620
Location: Mt Greenwood Park Field House 3721 W 111th St

MTGP is encouraging its readers to attend. This is the one time that the government is required to sit there and listen to us. However, this does not mean that the government will actually do anything but tell you what you want to hear, calm your anger and when it is all over...still do nothing.

By not showing up, you are accepting the status quo. Here are a few points that need to be brought up:

  • What are the statuses of the crimes that have occured on the beat? If need be, print out our alert list and bring it to the meeting. We will be listing them again before Thursday.

  • Why is our beat car not staying on our beat? Don't accept the standard response, 'we're shorthanded, it gets busy...blah blah blah' Bring up the fact that the 008th District Commander forces beat 811, 812 to stay on their beat and a rapid car to stay in the sector, VIA OEMC.
  • Then ask what makes 811 and 812 better than 2211? Is there a difference? What makes the commander of 22 different than the commander of 8? Same thing, but use alderman instead of commander.
  • Inform those running the show that you do not want a beat car that is beholden to numbers. Quality over quantity. Proof of their worth on 2211 is a GPS report showing them driving all over the beat throughout a tour of duty aside from 10-1 calls, arrests, etc.

Go informed to the meeting. Speak with conviction and fact and be level headed. Politicians fear a well informed public and will more likely respond well to any requests. Finally, if things do change, keep going to the meetings. Show those in power that you are still concerned.

While at the meeting, promote this blog. We do not profit from this, we volunteer our time to get the word out and we offer more truth than any politician or CPD boss can. We are willing to take the time to write and compile information. This only works if a large portion of our community reads, observes and comments on the crime occurring around them.

Success Story!!!

The information that we have is that the burglary on 10500 blk of Sawyer has been solved. The vehicle with the plate 'BRASSIE' was recovered in the 007th District and the driver was charged with a burglary after Area 2 Detectives got hold of him. We are removing that info from our ALERT list.

GREAT JOB!!!! Officers in the 007th District and and Area 2 detectives. Keep up the good fight.

Rest In Peace

Officer, you fought the good fight and you are in a much better place. For your service to your country and to your community, we salute you. Another soldier that was fighting the good fight has been taken from us, but we will win these fights and do so in your honor.

To the father of this officer, we salute you and will stand by you as we all grieve your loss. Your stand against evil will not be forgotten and your service is, and will be honored. God bless you and your family in this time of grieving.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Note for Working Police

There are many different types of police officers out there. Those that work on traffic offenses, those that handle dope cases, those that work the schools, etc. MTGP appreciates all of you for all of your work. The question becomes why do you chase the numbers in districts that are perpetually shitty? What benefit do you get for doing that hard work? It definitely isn't for the gratitude the cititzens give you. It isn't the average 10% raise, over 5 years, that the city felt you were worth. (Actually, they thought you were worth 16% for a couple of days, then 0%, then 5%) Court? We'll give you that, that is if you get notified for it. That meritorious promotion? Why work for that when the city has never defined what meritorious is and those around you that do not work get promoted because they are 5 cousins removed from the political donor of Daley's campaign?

You, the working copper, deserve more. If you live in Mt. Greenwood, you should consider one reason to work in 022. To protect your family and the homefront. Screw all of the rest of the 'benefits' to working this job and focus on the one thing in the end that truly matters, those who truly love and appreciate you.

So, consider this as a 'Help Wanted' poster for those out there that know how to be the police and are completely frustrated with the way the city and most of its citizens treat you. Come to 022 and share your wisdom and drive for doing police work with everyone in your community. Your neighborhood needs you, now more than ever.

*****ALERT***** (repost, looking for updates)

Listed below is the list of offenses that have occurred in the neighborhood that are of some major concern and links to recent news stories that could possibly be the offenders. No comments or info as to any official links so MTGP is going to continue posting the major crimes to keep people aware of what is going on and who to look for.
  • April 27, 2010 - 3 male black offenders burglarizing and robbing individuals in the area. Possibly driving a white Chevy Malibu with a different hood color with Indiana temp tags. Vehicle was traded in for a Cadillac in Indiana. *From the comments, someone related that the Cadillac used is also white.* MTGP heard that detectives had names but MTGP has not heard of any arrests. If anyone knows of a resolution to this case, please let MTGP know. If anyone has names of wanted individuals, please let MTGP know. There was a recent arrest in Oak Lawn of 3 individuals. Are these the offenders?
  • May 5, 2010 - Male white offender 5'7"-5'10", early to mid 30's with blond hair attempted to make entry into a residence by pretending to be on some official business in a dark blue Chevy pickup with Indiana plates or (from comments) a Porsche SUV with "BRASSIE" plate out of Wisconsin that is reported stolen. MTGP recently recieved comments to a chase of a pickup truck from the 16th district of a truck with Indiana plates. The news report of a chase on Chicago Breaking News website. Does anyone know if it is the same guy? Does anyone know if he was positively identified as the person that attempted to make entry on 105th and Sawyer?
  • May 9, 2010 - Garage burglaries. MTGP has heard of a recent string of burglaries to residences when victims were not at home. From comments, MTGP learned of a garage burglary on the 10300 blk of Whipple. The offender information is a male white offender, 30's-40's, in a grey pickup truck. MTGP does not know if this offender is the same as above, but it is always a possibility. Add a garage burglary on the 3900 blk of 111th St on April 30, 2010.
  • April 30, - May 13, 2010 - Burglary 10500blk Sawyer, 10100blk California and 11200blk of Whipple. All entered through a rear entrance. Just a thought, be aware of any work trucks or scrap metal scavengers.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Resolution to a crime spree in Mt. Greenwood?

Via Shaved:

Two self-admitted gang members and another teen have been charged with robbing two young boys in Oak Lawn Saturday afternoon.

Mark Hayes, of 9609 S. Keeler Ave. in Oak Lawn; and Chicagoans Kendrae D. Williams, of 6950 S. Fairfield Ave., and Norris Davison, of 6240 S. Bishop St., have been charged with one count each of felony robbery, according to an Oak Lawn police release. All three are 17.

On Saturday, a 13-year-old boy was walking in the 9700 block of Kolmar Avenue when Davison allegedly jumped out of a 1996 Ford Taurus and snatched an iTouch music player from him and drove away, the release said.

A short time later, the same vehicle with the same three offenders pulled up to an 11-year-old boy at 98th and Kostner, where Hayes allegedly jumped out and snatched a cell phone from the boy, the release said.

The first victim's parents saw the robbery and followed the Taurus until they lost sight of it at 95th and Pulaski, the release said.

Moments later, Evergreen Park police stopped the Taurus at 95th and Homan. The victims were brought to the scene and both identified the three teens. The stolen items were recovered in the Taurus, police said.

Hayes and Williams are admitted gang members, the release said.

The three were scheduled for a court hearing Monday morning in Bridgeview, although court information was not immediately available.

Are these the robbers/home invaders/burglars that have been preying on our community. Can anyone tie these guys to anything that happened in Mt Greenwood? Kudos Evergreen Park P.D.

Monday, May 17, 2010

We are not here for your benefit

Some years ago, some of us, or our relatives, moved out of various sections of the city of Chicago. Areas that used to have some very nice homes, parks, access to public transportation, good schools and safe environments. Our relatives moved because they saw danger invading their neighborhoods and they wanted the best for their families. They retreated to various edges of the city, like Mt. Greenwood.

Those neighborhoods that they used to live in have turned into a very real wasteland. Our relatives saw this coming and made the right decision. History is doomed to repeat itself and it can happen here if we do not stand up and fight for what we have, what is left and what is good.

First proposal, kick all of the freeloaders out of our neighborhood. What does MTGP mean? The people that come to this neighborhood to escape their own neighborhood because this neighborhood is safer. Or this neighborhood has easier prey for their criminal exploits. That means, no students being bused into our neighborhood elementary schools. The Ag School being transformed into a Mt. Greenwood High School for Mt. Greenwood residents. MTGP is tired of seeing 79th and Cottage at 111th and Kedzie every afternoon.

MTGP is certain that the taxes collected from residences, sales tax and various other taxes collected from Mt. Greenwood residents more than make up for the costs of our schools. We need to encourage our community to send their kids to our schools. We need to be involved in our schools and force those administrations to teach our kids the values that reflect our own.

Second, take pride in our neighborhood. Spend some of our hard earned dollars in Mt. Greenwood businesses. Encourage those businesses to take pride in Mt. Greenwood. Just strolling down some west and southside neighborhoods make you wonder what life was like when the neighborhood was good and businesses thrived. Now, everything is shuttered or a complete a total mess.

Imagine a Mt. Greenwood where outsiders that use our public assets are not invading our neighborhood. MTGP is sure that crime would drop noticeably if our public facilities were used by our own residences. Our relatives gave up enough of our city, we are not going to give up any more. We must stand up for what is ours and protect it at all costs. There is no where else left to go in the city.

Besides the park, which would be very difficult to control, where else in Mt. Greenwood to outsiders frequent? Where else in Mt. Greenwood can trouble arise?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

115th and Kedzie

From the comments:

  • Black P Stone gangbangers have taken a foothold at 115/Kedzie at the Carwash. They are targeting whites! Threatening passerbys and customers. Things are getting ridiculous now. Gosh, we can't even wash our cars without being hassled by thugs.
    19th Ward has no comments. Big surprise.

There are a lot of problems with the 115th and Kedzie corner. We have a Cash America, a car wash, and 2 gas stations. Throw into the mix some low income housing and BOOM, a sight out of Englewood and various other similar parts of the city.

The biggest problem with this area are those apartment buildings located in Merrionette Park. The ilk start their day by roaming the gas stations constantly for numerous 25cent to dollar items and then make their way to the Cash America in an attempt to sell various stolen items that have received. Throw in the car wash as a potential gathering point and we have problems.

There was already a shooting last year at 117th and Kedzie in one of those Merrionette Park apartments. Those apartments offer nothing but trouble. MTGP is sure that the Merrionette Park police are tired of dealing with them as well. Maybe the owners of those apartment buildings, that potentially rent to Section 8, could get some visits from the Merrionette Park building inspectors unless they lower the number of assholes that put in those apartmets. CPD should be showing a strong presence in this area to send the message that their antics are not appreciated or wanted.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Section 8 locations and Parolees

MTGP has learned of Section 8 addresses in Mount Greenwood.
  • 4050-4064 West 115th St.
  • 10819 S. Whipple

We all know that those apartment buildings by Marist are just an eyesore for the community and a pain in the ass for the beat car. The element that is attracted there puts potential offenders too close to a thriving community. Too bad there was not someway that Marist could buy those buildings. Hell, MTGP believes St. Xavier has eminent domain, let them claim the buildings for dorms and shuttle bus students to the campus. Talk about solving a huge problem on the beat.

MTGP has also learned of parolees living in those buildings. 3 of them. For those that do not know, a parolee is still in prison, but because of overcrowding or Gov. Quinn kicking them out, the offenders are allowed to live life outside of the walls of a prison, under certain rules. Rules that are never followed or enforced, but they have rules!!!

MTGP has also learned of another offender paroled to the 11100 blk of Kedzie. Really? That is just wonderful, lets have parolees living right in the heart of Mt. Greenwood. Let's hope that new 'green' building being built on the 11100 blk of Kedzie does not end up housing any other parolees or Section 8 types. MTGP is very suspect of that building. If anyone has information about what is being built there and why, please infor MTGP so that the staff can sleep at night.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just found in the comments. New burglary on the 11200 blk of Whipple. According to the comments it took the burglars all of 30 minutes to get what they wanted. Probably watching the pattern of the home owner and knew when the house was going to be vacated. No offender information. Let's pay attention to all of the vehicles that show up to our house and neighbor's house. Not all of people that show up in vans and trucks are there to do work on the house. Get to know your neighbor and let them know when you have unknown workers coming to your house and vice versa. Also, be careful what information you volunteer to strangers.

Mount Greenwood Neighborhood Watch?

MTGP has reviewed some of the comments and someone posted that they are willing to assist or setup a neighborhood watch for the community. They seem to be encouraging those willing to setup a Mount Greenwood Neighborhood Watch, or to participate in one, to attend a Garfield Ridge neighborhood watch meeting.

  • I will have information on THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and a friend who helped set up the one in 008 so if you are interested SHOW UP AT THE MEETING please
  • Here is the garfield ridge neighborhood watch .

    The next Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch (GRNW) meeting is Monday, May 17th , 7:30 pm @ Wentworth Park (downstairs)

MTGP is not claiming that Garfield Ridge has all the answers to how to protect a neighborhood, but they do have something started. The one thing that MTGP feels that we would need to start a neighborhood watch is a name. Someone willing to step forward and put their name out there as the person who organizes such a project. Once that person steps forward, we as a community would have to support and rally around such an individual. Again, MTGP is more than willing to help promote this on the blog and out staff may participate in the watch program, but we cannot be the lead on this, even though we want to. Refer to previous post as to reasons why.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch

Click here to review a neighborhood watch in Garfield Ridge.

It appears that some very resourceful and motivated individuals have created a neighborhood watch. It also appears that they have some political and corporate sponsorship. The organization, at least on the forefront, appears to be well organized and protective of its membership, along with a strict set of rules to follow.

Can we do this in Mount Greenwood? MTGP says yes, but with the large contingent of police officers here, MTGP would love to get an all police voluntary force to participate. The police are trained, resourceful, and have the ability to protect themselves if they have to, even though the neighborhood watch would be for the most part a hands off approach. Probably something where an officer makes and observation and then calls 911 unless forced to take some action. MTGP would be more than willing to help facilitate a neighborhood watch for the community, but MTGP cannot run a neighborhood watch. Unfortunately, the staff at MTGP sometimes gets sensitive information that can put egg on the face of politicians and bosses of CPD that could cause some staff members major headaches when it comes to their jobs. However, MTGP can be the unknown face that can encourage and help, when possible, with any aspect of the neighborhood watch. If any motivated individuals are interested in organizing like Garfield Ridge has, MTGP encourages you to get in contact with those in charge of the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch and ask for assistance in setting up a new program.

What is sad is that the people of Garfield Ridge and Mount Greenwood feel that have to for a private patrol consisting of residents to help protect ourselves from a criminal element. However sad it may be, it is probably a very good thing to do to protect our quiet communities and keep them quiet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

beating a dead horse...

...and we will continue to do so. Remember, MTGP does not hate any officer that works 2211, and these postings are not for them, these are for those who do not force 2211 or 2211A to stay on their beat. Listed below are all of the comments received at MTGP regarding 2211. These are from the readers mouths via their eyes and ears.

  • What's the complaint? Your Alderman was at the last beat meeting and stated that 2211 and 2211A are not pulled to the east to cover Julian, Morgan Park HS, Fenger and Roseland Community Hospital as reported at previous beat meetings. She implied that there is beat integrity. Your families are not left as sitting ducks while your squad is pulled.....

    You do not have the responsibility of protecting your own homes while your squad is away....
  • off topic but pertinate to the blog....

    hey, whats with 2211 making an arrest or tvb or whatever it was at 87th and may the other day on third watch??
  • midnights in 022 has alot of young officers-most who have only worked in 022. they all make stops and arrest on the east end of 022--even when theyre assigned to 2211. they all say 2211 is boring or too slow. they get offended when theyre told that there are opening in 003, 006 or 007. more residents need to call the alderman and the 022nd dist commander and demand that 2211 and 2211a stay on 2211's beat
  • You are right on with the lack of police protection. I work midnites and I monitor zone 9 occasionally and I really get aggravated when 2211 is sent on the snow tows or sent to sit at Racine Courts or on Church. Why are the tax payers on beat 2211,2212 and 2213 loosing police service?
  • I love to ed where the ten sector cars in 22 always are... Im not bashing they guys in the ten sector at all because its the jobs they send them on.. I see all the time oemc pulling cars to the east end. I saw 2212 was given a paper/arrest job at 103rd and normal...
  • 2211a is regulary assigned jobs that are nowhere near beat 2211. 2211 on midnight (unless it is the regular guys assigned to that car) only patrol EAST of vincennes which is nowhere near beat 2211.

This is a young blog and MTGP does not have the readership of the entire community, but MTGP has not seen any comments that show 2211 and 2211A is always staffed and forced to work on 2211's beat. No comments that the community always sees 2211 patroling the neighborhood. Again, no fault to the officers working the beat, but definitely fault with the bosses and politicians that pull their strings.

Monday, May 10, 2010

*****ALERT*****(updates) (added info)

MTGP is going to post an update to all ALERTs that we have received and what we have received in comments. MTGP would love to get any information on potential offenders arrested, if there have been, so that we can remove the alert.

  • April 27, 2010 - 3 male black offenders burglarizing and robbing individuals in the area. Possibly driving a white Chevy Malibu with a different hood color with Indiana temp tags. Vehicle was traded in for a Cadillac in Indiana. *From the comments, someone related that the Cadillac used is also white.* MTGP heard that detectives had names but MTGP has not heard of any arrests. If anyone knows of a resolution to this case, please let MTGP know. If anyone has names of wanted individuals, please let MTGP know.
  • May 5, 2010 - Male white offender 5'7"-5'10", early to mid 30's with blond hair attempted to make entry into a residence by pretending to be on some official business in a dark blue Chevy pickup with Indiana plates or (from comments) a Porsche SUV with "BRASSIE" plate out of Wisconsin that is reported stolen. MTGP recently recieved comments to a chase of a pickup truck from the 16th district of a truck with Indiana plates. The news report of a chase on Chicago Breaking News website. Does anyone know if it is the same guy? Does anyone know if he was positively identified as the person that attempted to make entry on 105th and Sawyer?
  • May 9, 2010 - NEW ALERT. Garage burglaries. MTGP has heard of a recent string of burglaries to residences when victims were not at home. From comments, MTGP learned of a garage burglary on the 10300 blk of Whipple. The offender information is a male white offender, 30's-40's, in a grey pickup truck. MTGP does not know if this offender is the same as above, but it is always a possibility. MTGP will comment on this in a new post.

MTGP has one comment on these alerts, especially the second one. If the offender from the chase is the same guy that attempted to gain entry to a residence at 105 and Sawyer, then a very sad thing is happening. Offenders know where the police protection is, and know where the good citizens live. This guy would have targeted the two locations in the city where we, as the citizens of Mt. Greenwood know, Chicago residents are most vulnerable to attack. Lack of police service is allowing for these criminals to prey upon us. If the politicians don't help us, then we need to help ourselves.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Contracting outside help

MTGP is never going to be about giving any government entity more money for protection. MTGP will not advocate giving any money to a private security force, which MTGP believes are complete jokes. Mt. Greenwood has two beat cars assigned to it, 2211 and 2211A(when staffed). Those beat cars should be only assigned jobs on 2211's beat, just like the 008th District. Mt Greenwood also has a large contingent of off duty police living in the community. Those off duty police provide extra manpower, firepower and witnesses to the community. MTGP strongly encourages those off duty to, while driving through the neighborhood, take that extra trip around the block and look for anything. MTGP does not encourage taking action off duty, unless extremely necessary, but be those extra set of eyes and call 911. Follow the offenders if possible. Anything that an off duty cop can do would be helpful.

As far as surrounding suburban departments, MTGP has another idea. A brotherhood agreement among fellow officers. Inform suburban departments, not that they do not already know, of the strong police contingent living in Mt. Greenwood. Ask them for extra help when they hear a call in our neighborhood, as I know they listen to Zone 9. In return, ask our officers that work on 2211 and 2211A to invest in a radio that picks up the suburban dept frequency and help them every chance they get. The suburban dept then gets the full support of the Chicago police in return for a little extra help when there is a call. Just a thought. Suburbs in play, Merrionette Park, Alsip, Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park.

The last idea may be far fetched, but at least it is a suggestion. MTGP knows that we can at least do the off duty drive around the block for our families and our community.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gun Buy Back

MTGP hopes it is not too late. Chicago is offering a gun buy back program. We hope that no Mt Greenwood resident chose to turn in their gun today. You need to keep them. You soon will be allowed to keep them. The Supreme Court will be handing down their decision on the failure to register law soon enough. From all indications, the Court will likely shoot down the mayor's law and allow residents to possess handguns. A handgun in the hand of a good/law abiding person far outweighs a handgun in a bad guy's hand. Especially if an entire community has a handgun. Do not fall for the typical b.s. that each handgun turned in is a life saved. Hundreds of guns turned in every year and the violence has gotten worse. If it wasn't for medical science improving, I am sure the death toll would rival that of the 90's. Unfortunately, gangsters and criminals are being kept alive and mobile, on our dime, with respirators and wheelchairs. Keep that power in your possession. You never know when you might need it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

008th District vs. 022nd District

MTGP has a question. How come the 008th district beat cars that patrol the high tax paying west end of the 008th district are forced to stay on their beats while 2211 and 2211a are sent all over the place at the dispatcher's whim? Who makes that call? Is it the commander of these districts or is it a political force like the alderman? Do the residents of the west end of 008 pay more in taxes than we do on 2211? MTGP asks these questions as it has become blatantly obvious that someone feels the west end of 008 is worth protecting while the west end of 022 could be left to rot. Whoever makes the call in 008 to force the cars to stay west should be commended greatly. The residents of Mt. Greenwood need someone like this to make a similar call around here. Commander? Alderman? MTGP would like to hear the readers opinions or facts on what is happening here and what is happening in 008. We would like to know what the difference is. This is not an attack on the 008th district as those residents are also facing a criminal element entering their community. MTGP just believes that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Census Worker (from comments)

From a concerned resident in the comments section, MTGP has learned that there are potential offenders making their way into residences by pretending to be Census workers. If this is the case, MTGP has a few suggestions for you.

It may be difficult to determine who is or isn't a Census worker. This is not something that we as a society are used to seeing. That being said, do not let anyone into your house that you do not know, whether it is a real Census worker or not. Census workers can take your information from the front porch, through a screen door if they have to. MTGP's other piece of advice, the Constitution only requires that you provide a numerical number of people that live in your residence. So, provide only the numerical number and nothing more. Do not give away personal information if you do not have to. You will not be penalized from not providing your name or race or income or the other questions that are asked.

Watch out for your elderly neighbors and call anytime you see someone you don't recognize going to people's homes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*****MORE ALERTS (updated)******

It seems that more now than ever, the community needs to be aware. MTGP has learned that there have been 3 burglary incidents within the last 2 to 3 days in the neighborhood. Unknown info on each incident, but all occurred when the victim was away from the home. Look for those individuals that are casing the neighborhoods in vehicles and on foot. Watch them and call 911.

On an even more serious note, MTGP learned from the comments of an attempted forcible entry burglary on the 10500 blk of Sawyer. MTGP confirmed this information from an outside source.

A male white offender, 5'7" to 5'10" with blond hair, early to mid 30's went to the house and attempted to bash in the door. Victim approached the front door and offender attempted to gain access by first pretending to have some sort of credentials and then by attempting to break in the screen door. The victim was able to scare off the offender who fled in a Blue/Dk Blue Chevy pickup truck with Indiana regular plates.

PLEASE keep your eyes out for this vehicle or anyone that maybe matching this description. This subject is very bold and dangerous. Anyone that knows someone is home and still attempts to gain entry needs to be caught immediately. Do not let anyone inside of your home that you do not know or expect to be there.

Update Review below post for the other vehicle that might have been used in the burglary or is being used by the offender. Just keep your eye out for any of these vehicles or any vehicle that you don't recognize.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


WANTED: 2009 Porsche SUV black with plate "BRASSIE" WISC. Plate. Res. Burg from 105th snd Sawyer over weekend. Car hot from Wilmette.

Just received from the comments section. Someone maybe hunting in our neighborhood again. Attach this to the other alert as something to keep an eye out for. If you see this car, call 911 immediately. Also, if anyone has more information about the offenders, please let MTGP know. If they strike once and succeed, they may strike again.

Racial Profiling vs Criminal Profiling.

Society has gone by the way of Political Correctness and has introduced a fear in individuals that makes us apprehensive to react when seeing something out of the ordinary. MTGP wants to get this out in the open now. MTGP wants the citizens of the community to stop listening to the reverends and the politicians that live outside of our community and allowing those individuals to influence our rational decisions.

Let's first analyze what Mt. Greenwood is. It is a predominantly white community. It is what it is. No apologies necessary.

Now we got that out of the way. Mt. Greenwood also has citizens living inside of it that our of other races from black to Hispanic to the purple people eater. If they are good people, as with the white people, then they are known to the community, at least their neighborhood, as being non-threatening productive members of society. Our community should not and do not call the police on race alone...usually there are some other factors. That is called racial profiling.

However, a rational individual should process an example as follows as so:

A male black individual walking very slowly down 107 and central park. This male black individual is looking towards homes and cars. You have never seen this person here before. He is in a predominantly white neighborhood. His youthful age suggests he is at the prime age for offenders to commit crime. You know of crimes being committed by people of this race and age in your neighborhood (i.e. the ALERT(S) posted on this blog). Albeit, the male black individual is doing nothing but walking down the street. What do you do?

Do you:

(A) I don't want to offend anyone by calling the police on an individual who is doing nothing wrong even though the hair on the back of my head tells me things are out of sort.

(B) Come outside, guns a blazing, hitting anything that moves with your .45cal weapon and hope you got the right person.

(C) Call the police, keep watching. If possible and safely, even follow. Document what and when you see it. Prepare yourself to protect yourself and your family. Continuously call police to update location and actions and if any criminal activity occurs.

If you said (A) then you are the individual MTGP is targeting with this post. By doing nothing and pretending all is good, that individual maybe be in the process of casing a location, testing the waters or even worse, in the act of committing a crime. It is not racial profiling because of the following additional factors taken into account:

neighborhood that you spend much of your time in and know
actions of the subject
previous idea of crimes occurring and could be a potential offender
no idea who the hell he is

This is called criminal profiling. In criminal profiling, you are allowed to take race into account. Just like the white teenager driving through a predominantly black neighborhood where a police officer knows that narcotic activity is occurring. Add on top of that the license plate check that reveals a suburban address and you have just criminally profiled by using race as a factor. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you answered (B), well, you will be by next target house on the blog for people to look at. Not to mention mental health professionals would make a fortune off of you.

(C) is the correct answer in MTGP's opinion. The call and potential stop by the police could alert this individual that people are watching, the police are around, and who knows, could lead to an arrest of a potential offender from one of our alerts.

We as a society need to get out of the political correctness rut we are in. Terrorists are predominantly Muslim with Arab decent and have made numerous threats against the U.S. Call it like you see it. It could save someone a lot of trouble, and maybe even someone's life.

ALERT Updates

MTGP will always repost or update information on all ALERTS that are listed on the blog at least once a week, whether there is fresh information or no.

MTGP has no new information regarding the 3 male black subjects that are preying on the citizens of 2211. Still looking for the subjects driving a Cadillac, unknown color, with Indiana temp tags.

MTGP did learn recently of an arrest made by Saint Xavier police and CPD regarding the robbery of a student on their campus by a male black offender. MTGP does not believe that that arrest has anything to do with the 3 male black offenders burglarizing and robbing individuals on the beat as the recent burglary came after the arrest at SXU. Either way, a huge KUDOS to those involved with the arrest. You represent us well and make us proud. Any victims or people who feel the need, send letters of thank you to the officer's respective commanders/chiefs etc. to give them the credit deserved.

2211 (from comments)

A concern was brought up in the comments about young officers trying to prove something by making arrests while working 2211, but not making those arrests on 2211's beat. MTGP will address this issue.

MTGP would love to see a young, hard charging officer, working 2211's beat. However, we would love to see it working on only 2211's beat. Anyone who works 2211's beat needs to understand something. There are many of your fellow co-workers that live on that beat. When your fellow co-workers leave for work, they leave their families behind in the hopes that their neighbors and their police (i.e. 2211) will be there to protect their families. 2211 has the responsibility of protecting fellow officer's families each and every day at all hours of the day. That is a heavy responsibility, and one that should be rewarded if done properly. The officers working 2211, young and old, need to know what they are a part of. There is a brotherhood and sisterhood within CPD and it extends on and off duty. Please keep this in mind when you are assigned or choose to work 2211.

If officers would like to improve their stats, make those one bag arrests, or impress bosses with their numbers, there are plenty of other beats in the city that would appreciate your efforts, and would welcome you with open arms. The citizens of 2211 are not looking for stats, just effort. Effort of trying to protect the community from external and internal harms. Even if that means a boss may not be happy with your numbers, your community will be.

From the Comments (Getting the word out)

I live around the 115th and Homan area, and from what I've heard, not many of our neighbors know about this blog. How are you getting the word out?

As with many blogs commenting on city politics and lack of common sense, anonymity is a must. Some at MTGP have inside information on the goings on of police and politics in the community. MTGP understands that some political figures are extremely vengeful when a member of their community uses their first amendment rights to express their lack of support for a politician's lack of common sense. That being said, a politician could attack a rabble rouser with city inspectors, attack individuals with threats at their job and so on.

Our tactic to get out word of this blog is through its readers and the word of mouth scenario. MTGP is aware that SCC (Second City Cop) used small business cards initially to get the word out and that has worked tremendously. MTGP's hope is by posting responses on other blogs (like SCC or Shaved --- links on side bar), people will be curious and click on the name and then find the blog. MTGP is also hopeful that the powers that be behind those popular blogs feel that this blog is relevant and choose to link us one day.

Please, get out the word about this blog to the members of the neighborhood. It is through our community that we will be able to provide the information to each other to keep our community as safe as can be.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home and Condo owning vs. apartments

A person that has an interest in the community financially will do whatever they can to keep the value of that community high. The majority of people in Mt. Greenwood are hardworking individuals that have a vested interest financially in the well being of the community. The need to keep the community as a home and condo owning community is extremely high. MTGP has a concern. Along the main streets of our community, numerous multi-story buildings are being built and have been built in recent years. One building on the 11100 blk of Kedzie comes to mind. MTGP's hope is that these buildings are not being built or condos bought with the intention of renting out apartments to individuals. In every community where there is a large majority of renting individuals, crime seems to follow. It is sad but true. One of the largest problems for 2211 is the apartment buildings on 115th and Pulaski by Marist. MTGP has heard reports of lower class individuals moving into the apartments and causing problems. MTGP has also heard of individuals renting a house on the 11200 blk of Whipple causing problems with the police. We need to encourage our fellow community members to keep the renting of condos and houses out of our neighborhood. MTGP does not believe that everyone that rents an apartment is bad or brings evil to our community, but the chances of inviting bad apples to the neighborhood increases with every renter.