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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fight

We saw some comments teaching individuals how to protect themselves. Various ways to do it. We feel the need to write this post although we are certain that our readers are smart enough to know this.

Use any and all techniques to protect yourself. Do not take the offensive in any attack against anyone. Remember, if you attack instead of defend, our city will erupt and the prosecution against your would be on the front page of every newspaper. Politicians, prosecutors and media would paint you as a crazy, wacked out, racist, bigot with nothing but hate for people. The proverbial bus that they threw you under would run you over time and again. It is a double standard that exists when it shouldn't. That is the reality of this fucked up situation and we are helping you deal with it as we see it.

With that being said, do not sit back and take the beatings, the attacks, the threats, the robberies, the burglaries, etc. You have the right to defend yourself and we encourage you to use any and all means to do so.

Example: If someone tells you they are going to kick your ass and makes an act of furtherance to complete their stated task (i.e. clenched fist, step toward you). That is a threat and you have the right to defend yourself. The use of force model that applies to our police department also applies to the private citizen when it comes to someone that is an assailant. The private citizen has just as much of a right to protect themselves as much as the police officer.

*click on picture for larger view

Robbery Attempt and Arrest

My stepson Gary was jumped last night/early this morning by 2 blacks from Englewood.Gary is a night manager at the BurgerKing on 111th and Kedzie and was on his way to work,was running late and on foot,since the busses don't run down 111thst. after midnight.Although I advise him to be aware of his surroundings especially at that time of night,he was yakking on his phone,and they jumped him between the cemeteries.Thank God a detective either going or coming from work saw what was going on,stopped,and these 2 took off.A couple of off-duty cops standing near Hippo's got involved,and these bum's were arrested.If my detail's are a little sketchy,this is what Gary told me,not from a police report.His cell was'nt recovered, but other items were.However he did hear that they were just looking for someone to rob in Beverly or M.G.(Candyland!).His ear looks like a 'toon ear where he was struck,he's shook,but otherwise allright.I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart,the officer's who got involved.Thank you,Thank you!I'll glady pop for some adult beverages at your favorite watering hole.We all need to be aware and involved.Carmen G.(P.S)I will also post at S.C.C or Shaved.

There it is folks. The invasion of our neighborhood for the purpose of preying on our citizens. What we have been talking about and what has been happening for years. The anger that swells up inside of us is palpable because our politicians make us the prey. They speak of nothing of this evil for fear of racial backlash. They do not allow us to protect ourselves and then they throw 1 beat car on our beat. If Gary was allowed to carry a handgun, it is possible that Gary's ear would be normal and 2 shitheads would be dead. And the world would be a better place.

Instead, Gary was left to fend for himself in a neighborhood that is generally good, but prime for attack.

That being said, thank you off duty detective. You may have saved a life. You did your job off duty and we are proud. Also, thank you off duty officers that got involved as well. You may have saved 2 lives. We stress off duty because it appears that we are protecting ourselves at this point and we are proud of that. We are paying attention, citizens and police.

Hope for a quick recovery for Gary. Hope for a long stay in prison for the ignorant. We know that one of these is going to happen for sure, the other....not so much.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A beating in email

july 5th. 1:00 a.m. two boys petting a dog outside a party at 113th/whipple while chatting with the owners while their two friends walked ahead of them. the friends who walked ahead were attacked by five young men who jumped out of a car. when the boys petting the dog tried to reason with the attackers and talk it out they were then attacked from behind by the people at the party that they were just talking to/petting their dog. belts and keys were used to beat the boys. one boy received four staples in his head. they were outnumbered 4:1. no wallets were stolen. the victims and attackers did not know each other. senseless crime. police report filed and found that the owner of the house was previously arrested for obstruction of justice. hitting a police officer while his friend was being arrested.

We commented in may in our Home and Condo owning vs aparments article that there were idiots, maybe hispanic gang bangers or sympathizers, living on the 11200 blk of Whipple that had caused a big problem with the police. We are unaware if they still lived there, but if they do, we would consider looking at that residence as a potential hangout for thugs. Just our opinion. From the comment on where the the police report was filed sounds like the case we are referring to.

Look, we just have to be vigilant in our attempts to seek out those who are preying upon us. Teach your kids when to fight, most important lesson, and how to fight. No parent wants their kid being a bully, but no parent especially wants to hear that their kid is a victim. However, be careful, some of these assholes could be armed. And seeing how our government won't let us arm ourselves, we have to choose our battles wisely.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The other post regarding OUR loss

We lost another officer. ANOTHER ONE to the 007th District. This time right outside the police station.

Our thoughts. We are losing this war boys and girls. The violence and the thuggery is taking over this city. We are losing not because we do not have the soldiers to fight the war. Oh no, we have the soldiers. Trust me. Myself and some of my staff work with them. They are some of the bravest, strongest and smartest people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with(I am using the first person because this article is coming straight from the writer). We are losing because we have let our city, and neighborhood in some respects, be taken over by a political group that does not give two shits about their citizens or their police. They coddle up next to Ceasefire and reverends, who are probably so in bed with the gangs that it might be hard to tell the difference, just so they can retain power. These politicians believe they gain political power by throwing officers that sometimes operate in a grey area right under the bus. These officers are the same ones that are spilling their blood, sweat and tears in neighborhoods that do not truly appreciate what they are doing. Englewood being one of them. Our boys and girls in blue are itching for the opportunity to right the wrongs that they see daily, but can't because of fear they will lose their job over some grey area actions that are completely called for at this point. I don't blame them and nor should you. Changes need to be made.

There are sections of this city that are truly lost. Englewood is one of them. Now, I know we are going to hear speeches regarding how there are good people that live in Englewood and that they deserve to have protection. Fuck that. If those good people are there, then it is time for them to do one of two things. Either leave or stand up and fight for their neighborhood. Let them stand up and speak out for the police. Demand news coverage for their pro police and pro neighborhood rants. Speak clearly and to the point that anything that occurs in a police officers tour of duty that wanders into the grey area of policing, be considered as the right thing the police officer did.

However, until that day comes and until the evil starts acting good, we have a new proposal. Examine the taxes generated from that neighborhood and give them the protection that their neighborhood deserves in the form of taxes collected, not votes garnered. Then pull all of the resources out of that neighborhood because we are sure that money going into that neighborhood is well over money coming out. All of the extra units, all of the manpower, equipment, the police station, etc. Let the neighborhood fall on its own without taking the good along with it. Send all of those resources to our district or other districts where it is evident there is still good. I promise you, the people of Mt. Greenwood would not march against their police. They would welcome them with open arms and appreciate what they are there to do. We have lost enough good people in this war. If the politicians won't let us fight this war to win, then we are going to choose the battles we fight. Like fighting for Mt. Greenwood.

It takes good to kill evil. We have the good on our side. God knows it. The citizens of Mt. Greenwood know it. The politicians and the ones with power (media, reverends, etc) don't care about good unless it serves their political, power hungry interests. They will also embrace evil if it serves their political, power hungry needs. In the city as a whole, good vs. evil, evil is winning. In our neighborhood, good vs. evil, good is winning but evil is advancing. Let's put a stop to it. God is on our side.

And we hear from Rugai

From Beverly Review:

Rugai said she supports the ordinance because it eliminates gun shops, and emergency responders and police will know when they are entering a home where there is a handgun that has been legally registered.

“I’m glad gun shops will be prohibited in the city out of fear of the thought that they could be burglarized and more guns put on the streets, but we know there are still a number of [gun shops outside] the city,” Rugai said. “I also like the fact that the first responders will have knowledge before they go to a home that there is a gun registered at that residence.”

Quit being part of the problem Ginger, and start being part of the solution. You and your ilk are causing innocents to get hurt by the marauding evil in this city. If this was such great legislation, then why didn't you implement this 20 years ago? Are you so far up Daley's ass that you don't know what is right and wrong anymore.

This legislation did not create some new anti gun shop ordinance. That was already there. Do you think we are too dumb to realize that? And when the city is bleeding funds left and right (especially left), you eliminate a new source of revenue and jobs in the city by immediately eliminating a source of tax income, gun shops. The city could have double dipped. Tax the gun sales and then get the registration fee. What a windfall. Instead, some short sighted, power hungry government would rather keep the claws of power in their citizens instead of trusting them to do the right thing on their own.

Also, do you truly believe that the police did not already assume that there was a gun in a house when then enter? Any safe and good police officer would already be entering any residence with caution prior to any call. Reason: Because the gun ordinance before did such a bang up job that all of the guns were removed from the street and police had nothing to worry about, like getting shot....NOT!!! There should have always been and should always be an assumption of danger when walking into a residence, gun laws or no gun laws.

Where is this gun registration going to be posted? You know, when a first responder like a police officer has a priority 1A domestic call where someone is being injured. Are the dispatchers going to have instant access to that gun registration list to inform a police officer? Is that officer going to take the 10-20 minutes to look up said registration list? Or is that registration list going to be under some bureaucratic red tape, time consuming phone call that would take a half a tour of duty to access.

It is time to stop taking these politicians quotes at face value and truly start analyzing them for the truth (or lies) that are in them. Everything in Rugai's statements is a bunch of BS that has absolutely no application in the real world. Trust yourself and your neighbor, don't trust the politician. Protect yourself Mt. Greenwood, no one else is.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chirp chirp

Sorry for the lack of posting. It was a punishing yet fulfilling weekend. We hope that you had a great weekend celebrating as well.

Now, onto news. We received in the comments word of some incident east of Western Ave. Honestly, if shit happens east of Western, we usually won't comment on it but we are wondering if there is any credence to this?

2 M/2's saw 2 M/1's parked in a car on 111th east of Western. the 2 M/2's went and got their guns and started messing with the 2 M/1's.

Sgt. on scene recovered 3 guns from the M/2's.

It is not a typo...M/2's.

What the heck happened? For those interested, M/1 is code for male/black and M/2 is code for male/white.

That being said, something sounds a little fishy. This comment left out a lot of information, like what happened prior to this confrontation and was it justified. And what crime occured during this 'messing' period.

Either way, this is just an information gathering post. We do not know what happened, if anything did, and we are wondering if anyone else has information regarding this incident.

We enjoyed our days off from posting. Regular scheduled programming to continue.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

As we celebrate everything America is and can be, we have a festival going on in Chicago that has in the past and even just as recent as this past week, has been violent. Our police are being stripped from their normal duties, which they are already strapped for resources in doing, and being sent downtown to prevent a political black eye for the politicians.

Remember, the politicians are protecting themselves, not you. You are being reminded because today could be a day in which you are left to fend for yourself more so than any other day in the year. Be careful with your celebrations and be careful with those who are looking to prey upon you.

However, enjoy this day. Our rights that were granted by God were finally starting to be recognized by a government for the first time in history with the formation of our United States. Our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to free speach. The right to bear arms. The right to privacy. The right to trial by jury. The right to just be as God created you. That is something that we believe is attempting to be stripped by our politicians as they look out for themselves and their power. God created this great country and God is with us as we fight to protect what He created.

Be safe today.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another 2211 afternoon arrest!!!

WTF is going on? There are arrests to be made on Bt 2211. No, you don't say?!?

We have known for a long time that 2211 has the crime, you just have to spend the manpower and time over here searching. We think everyone in the community has known it and no one was speaking up about it except to each other. Now we have this blog and guess what, we are growing in numbers of readers and contributors. And we are starting to become aware at just how bad we let this neighborhood get.

Has it turned into the ghetto? No. Just don't want it to turn into the ghetto.

Again, and we are proud to do this, Kudos to 2211 afternoons. Please say there are 2 other watches out there working the beat. We don't care if you get arrests on the other two watches, just be here actively looking. That is all we ask.

One question, where was the arrest made? Like to know where some of the trouble is.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Narcotics Arrest

Wow. We hope the officers out there that believe they cannot get a good, overtime court arrest on 2211's beat are paying attention to Bt. 2211's activity for last night.

They got a crack cocaine arrest on the 10700 blk of Whipple. It is here people. You just have to look and patrol and you will find it. It may not be as prevelant as it is east of here, but it is here. And bangers sometimes come here to deliver, you just have to look. Looking requires a beat car to be on the beat at all times searching. Let's talk about what 2211's arrest last night might have prevented.

The idiot with the crack could have been that potential burglar on the beat that need to get something of value from a good citizen of Mt. Greenwood to buy more crack. That idiot didn't get to do it last night, they were locked up.

The idiot with the crack could have potentially robbed someone for cash or something of value to get some more crack for their addiction. Again, yesterday they didn't have a prayer because 2211 was on the prowl and was being proactive.

The waste of space could have smoked the crack cocaine, got behind the wheel of a car and hit some innocent victim because they were too high to drive. Not so fast asshole, we had a beat car doing the job we ask of them.

We are sure there are many more scenarios to evaluate the arrest of the individual last night, but we are giving the Kudos again to 2211 for the work they did on our beat.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Answering a question

from comments:

Gotcha. But if an incident occurred inside the city limits with an unregistered "handgun" in your home, (e.g., shooting a home invader or something) would that still be a felony if you purchased it legally using your FOID Card in an Illinois suburb or out-of-state?

And if so, would that apply to an unregistered "long gun," too?

Use of deadly force is easy to explain. If you fire your handgun or shotgun, you are using deadly force. Deadly force is force that likely can result in death or great bodily harm. You are justified to use deadly force as a citizen when you feel that your or someone else's life (like family) is in danger.

The city law of failure to register is just a nuisance law. Being convicted of a ordinance can never get you to a felony. Cities are not allowed to have felony charges. Only states can have a felony charge that could get you time in the Illinois Department of Corrections. This state, even though they do not allow you to conceal carry, still has a little common sense and allows everyone else in this state to possess a handgun or weapon inside of their home.

If you choose to use deadly force against someone, you need to be able to justify said use. Example: "Offender bashed in my window and was coming into my house in such a manner that it scared the shit out of me and I thought the offender was going to kill me or my family." That statement of fear of loss of life along with the evidence of the broken window, location of offender, etc. is enough to justify your use of deadly force. If you never feel fear of losing your life or getting seriously injured, then you are not justified in using deadly force. Please, express that fear of you being attacked and potentially losing your or a family member's life and then you will be justified.

However, as of right now, the city can confiscate your gun and charge you with an city ordinance. That would be all.

Here is the Illinois Statute so that you can do some of the use of force research on your own.

Castle Rock vs. Gonzalez

We read in the comments recently, (sorry, we cannot place exactly where in the comments), about a Supreme Court case that stated that the police cannot not be held liable for failing to protect you from a crime. We were aware of the case and looked it up.

Castle Rock vs. Gonzalez

The basics of the case was a woman had a restaining order against her estranged husband and the police failed to act thinking the husband was not a violent person after kidnapping their 3 kids. He killed the kids and then died by cop.

Tragedy....yes. Police liable...not so much.

What can we take from this? Your police are not responsible for protecting you. We are certain that our police will attempt to if they see the crime in progress. Any good police officer would. However, in your time of immediate need, calling 911 does not protect you from the problem at hand. Should you do it? YES! But the fight doesn't stop because you called the police. Protect yourself. Protect your family and your neighbors. If you set yourself up to be a victim, you will be one. If you sit there after calling 911 waiting for the police to come and rescue you, well, you may be disappointed.

The courts have ruled, and we believe rightfully so, that you cannot depend on government for your protection. Our city would like you to think so. They build big 911 buildings, big police stations, hold beat meetings, and have a handgun ban so that you have to turn to the city for protection and not yourself. Reality is, our 1 beat car cannot stop crime. Our 1 beat car can barely respond to crime. Ultimately it is up to you to protect yourself from harm.

However, it is up to us to get our tax dollars back for the smoke and mirrors protection we receive. Hear the sound of those police sirens you pay for going east all the time. Bosses don't care, they are not liable for your protection. We know we could use some of that tax money to buy a gun.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another WTF moment + ALERT

From email:

I live on the 10900-11000 block of Albany. This morning, (07/26) at about 5:10 a.m., a neighbor awoke to find a white male in his 20's, attempting to force his way into her house. He was pounding on her door and kicking it. The neighbor is a female, home with 2 young children, and whose husband was out of town. the man was about 6', slender build, white T-Shirt, tatoos on his arms.
When she called 911, she was told no cars were available, but one would be sent. She called a minute or so later to say the man was now walking around her back yard trying the rear door and garage door, the call taker dismissively told her, "we have no cars available, what do you want me to do?". This neighbor calls another neighbor, married to CPD, to ask what she should do, neighbor #2 gives her the desk phone # at Dist. 22.
The guy at the desk says all cars are busy at a motorcycle accident, and what she needs is a gun. No shit Sherlock! He also said her call was not a priority.
I like and respect our members of the CPD. OEMC not so much. I don't have the contacts to find out who might have been working the desk at Dist.22 this morning, but if true, and I have no reason to doubt my neighbor, what a grade A asshole.
Someone trying to force his way into a home is not a priority call? Well here's a wake up call, you haven't heard the end of this.
In the meantime, area residents beware, you are truly on your own. Have your own plan of protection, and phone numbers of neighbors who might be willing to assist you.

Is this true? We have been saying for the longest time that the one car we have on our beat hardly ever gets to stay on the beat. Reason being is that it always gets moved east. Someone was potentially trying to break into a home and it does not get a priority 1A and deserve a police response? Something tells me the call taker never made this a burglary in progress call and probably made it some sort of trespass so that it would not get a high priority police response.

As for the desk person that answered the phone in the 22nd district, we find no fault there. The person that answered the phone has no control over police manpower and was truly helpless when it comes to the individual calling the station. The desk person can't leave the station and respond. It doesn't work that way. And ultimately, the person on the desk was exactly right, get a gun and protect yourself. We are at a point where no politician, boss, or anyone else is going to have our back but ourselves.

Again, we are the good and the evil is preying upon us. Do not let your guard down and be ready to fight. Start phone trees with your neighbors. Set up email chains for your neighbors. Pass the word around about everything that happens so that everyone knows. And please email or comment us about all that is happening. We will put it on the blog. Keep advocating to our alderman and our police that we need more forced patrol of 2211's beat. It works that way in the 008th District, why can't it work that way in the 022nd district.

Look at the description of the offender. Use that description and keep your eyes open. Call the police if you see this person.

(FYI, we are sure the date was supposed to be 6/26)

Mt. Dope Cemetery

Holy Shit. CPD set up virtual vehicular barricades around the gangbanger cemetery yesterday at 115th and Fairfield. It appears that numerous gangbanger funerals were being conducted at the same time. And where was the Cook County Sheriff?


CPD was there and was providing a barricade for Mt. Greenwood and 2211/2212's beats against the ghetto folk invading, but it truly was a small waste of manpower so that these thugs could have their funerals.

Either way, much appreciation to the boys and girls in blue that helped maintain order in our neighborhood and protect us from the problems. Remember, cemeteries are cook county property. Cook County Sheriff police need to be held accountable for the cemetery problems.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Milestone

Sometime last night, our blog of 2 months has hit the 10,000 mark. Yay. Sorry, nothing for the 10,000th customer. Our goal of this blog was to post the trouble that exists in the neighborhood and to give our fellow residents a place that they can also post their crime observations. We appear to have reached some residents of Mt. Greenwood and those residents have used the comments section just how we had hoped.

People are posting suspicious people, plates, crimes, and their personal observations of the neighborhood. People are getting the information and they are talking to one another via the comments or in emails. This is a really good thing. If you keep all of your observations to yourself, then the only person that would know about them is you. We need to talk and we need to constantly be on guard for whatever lurks in our neighborhood.

This neighborhood is truly a great neighborhood. We sometimes talk about bad things that happen in the neighborhood, but in general, this is a great neighborhood. We want to keep it a great neighbohood. That is our motivation and that is what has driven myself (the writer) and my fellow staff to constantly keep up with the blog.

This blog will only work if as many residents of Mt. Greenwood as possible read and interact with the blog. We have a small percentage reading now, we are always looking for more. Continue to spread the word about the blog to your neighbors, your friends and your colleagues in the neigborhood. And keep posting what you are seeing out there, no matter how trivial you believe it may be, we would love to hear it.

Don't forget, if those hairs on the back of your neck rise up at what you see, please call 911. You might be saving yourself or your neighbor from a lot of heartache.

2211 Narcotics arrest?

We are getting word that Bt. 2211 made a narcotics arrest on the 10800 blk of Pulaski on June 23rd?!? If this is true, we are sending another kudos their way. We need to start carrying those granola bars around and hand them out to the officers that make these nice arrests in our neighborhood.

Any details of arrest would be welcomed. Great job if this is true!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update to F.O.I.D. post

Here is the link to the State Police Firearm Owners ID card application. Take your time, fill it out completely and it only costs 10 bucks.

Our blog friend Jim McMahon offered a great idea in the comments with regards to concealed carry.

Because of the un-constitutional gun laws in this state that will not allow a Concealed Carry Permit to be issued to anyone not in law enforcement, (or politically connected) residents of Illinois are eligible for a non-resident CCW Permit from the state of Pennsylvania. And this can be done by mail. All you have to do is fill out the application, send in a copy of your IL Drivers License and your current Illinois FOID Card, enclose a self addressed-stamped envelope and a check for $26 to them, and you’re good for 5 years. I mailed mine out on a Monday, and received my CCW permit in the mail the following Wednesday. (i.e., 10 days)

With this permit you can conceal carry (or open carry) in 22 states that have reciprocity agreements with PA. It’s still useless in Illinois, but if you travel or vacation in any of the following states, you can legally carry a firearm for self protection.


We were able to find a .pdf application link for the concealed carry permit. Link here.

Remember, this permit DOES NOT allow you to carry your firearm in the state of Illinois on the public way. You must transport your weapon unloaded, encased in a firearm specific case and you must possess your FOID card. This state is a nanny state and does not want or trust its citizens to truly protect themselves as God has given them the right to do.

However, non-law enforcement citizens can use this permit in the states listed above.

The next question to ask yourself is how are the violent crime rates in each of these states. Probably much lower than in Illinois. However, Arizona has its own problems with the Mexican drug cartels invading.

Either way, there is a 3 day wait period for buying a handgun. Still make the purchase as soon as the law is struck down in the Supreme Court. Don't forget, buy some ammo, too. And take lessons, it will make you a better shot should the need arise.

Remember, when seconds count, police are only minutes away. Except in Chicago where there are less and less police, then they could be too overwhelmed to come because politicians are too removed from the situation to realize how short and overwhelmed our department truly is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get your F.O.I.D. card

Hey guys, just a quick note. We just want to alert all Mt. Greenwood residents that they need to apply for an Firearm Owners ID card as soon as possible. As soon as the Supreme Court shoots down the city ordinance against registering firearms, the residents of Mt. Greenwood need to be ready to go out the next day (or same day) and buy a gun to take home. The city council will work quick to implement new laws, but hopefully will allow a grandfather provision. Hence, if you have your firearm before the new laws take effect, you might be grandfathered in. Just a thought.

Arm yourselves!!!

FOID card registration usually takes a few weeks to be processed. There is no law against applying for a card even if you live in Chicago and not allowed to own a handgun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Crime taking a break?

Is there anything that has been happening in the neighborhood that we should all be aware of? We feel that we have been writing a lot about the political aspects of crime and not the true crime. That is a good thing. We hope that the criminal element has taken a break for a little while. Stay alert though!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We just read this about an Urban festival (which appears to be a cover for a muslim festival) from Shaved. We are also in the midst of the Puerto Rican fest.

Why does it matter?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of police officers are being sent to these events from districts citywide. We are certain that the 22nd district is not immune to it. These festivals are being held in neighborhoods that already have a plethora of police in them. And guess what? You and us are paying for them. Most of us are probably not be going to them because we fear us or our children getting caught up in a gang fight or gunfire, but we sure are paying for them.

Hold the phone, we are paying for festivals that we do not attend and we are paying our police to go to these festivals to leave us unprotected on the homefront. In a logical world, this would not make any sense.

But we live in Chicago.

At least we get this groundswell of police every year during the Southside Irish Fuck, they took that away from us too. The one event that is meant for our neighborhood that we felt safe going to has been removed from our neighborhood. Why did they do this? Because of the minor disturbances and fighting that occured.

Have you been to some of these other festivals? We guess that means that Bud Billiken, Mexican Parades, Puerto Rican fests and every other neighborhood festival will be cancelled based on this criteria. We mean, people get shot at these other festivals, which has to rise well above the level of 'chaos' observed during the Southside Irish parade.

Nope, we get fucked in more than one way here. And we sit here and take it.

We hope our politicians are at least taking us out to dinner first. We hate feeling used.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New attack

At first, we were a little concerned with the 19th ward blog that started up recently. We thought they might have been a pawn for the current administration.

We may have been wrong. It appears that they have been the target of attacks from our city and county governments. It also appears that our city and county have people dedicated to determining who these people are that are writing blogs about them.

According to 19th Ward Chicago, their 'Relaunch' article states

At about the same time I was notified by friends that CPD and Cook County Sheriff internet units were attempting to trace my blog to find out my identity. The police looking for me is exactly what the Nazis would have done 70 years ago.

We have internet units? Our tax dollars are funding internet units? It is one thing if you are using these 'units' to track homicide offenders or various other types of offenders, but first amendments writers that protest the current uses of our tax dollars and placement of our police manpower...that is overreaching and kind of scary.

Wake up Mt. Greenwood. We see the man behind the curtain that has been promising us things our whole lives and never delivering, except to their own pockets. Demand those promises be kept or repay us the money we were forced to give for our 'rewards.'

Remember, "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton