Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State House Democratic Candidate

This is Beverly Review's opinion:

Some people, candidates included, felt the decision to appoint Bill Cunningham was a done deal before the process began to select the next Democratic candidate for the 35th District in the state House. But most can agree that few candidates possess the experience and knowledge Cunningham has in filling the seat being vacated by state Rep. Kevin Joyce (D-35th).

More can agree that the process to nominate a candidate was refreshing. Too often we hear of stories in which fathers have passed offices to their sons, like with U.S. Reps. William and Dan Lipinski, and former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Jr. and state Sen. Emil Jones III (D-14th). Too often we hear about dimly lit, smoke-filled back rooms with old guys with nicknames like “boss” deciding who fills a seat. In recent months that occurred in Oak Lawn, where a select few committeemen privately chose a successor to fill the seat of state Rep. Jim Brosnahan (D-36th) while munching on pancakes.

In a fair and transparent process, each candidate was asked the same four questions about their integrity, policy-making experience, loyalty to the Democratic Party and future employment plans should they be selected to run. They were then allotted three minutes to pitch their credentials and ideas and try to distinguish themselves from the others.

As we were reading this article, we heard the sound of a zipper and a sucking sound.

Do not piss on us and tell us it is raining. Fair and Transparent Process? Refreshing? Look, the only fair and transparent/refreshing process is the voting process. The process with which the people choose their candidate or representative, not a bunch of party members who are elitist that believe their decision is the best decision for all involved. What happened with this process epitomizes the Chicago democratic machine to a 'T.'

Again, Cunningham could be the greatest thing next to sliced bread. We don't know. And neither do you. You never got to hear from him and see him run a campaign against other democratic candidates.

This is not the same democratic party that your grandparents and even your parents voted for. You as a citizen need to examine your beliefs and educate yourself as to what is happening in the ward, city, state, and country. The game has changed.

We are just going to add that there is another choice in this race. Barbara Ruth Bellar. Google her. Read about her. You make the informed decision. The media will probably barely give her a corner of the newspaper next to the adult ads in the sports section, so we chose to mention her here.

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Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party use to stand for the union man ? Our state democratic party does, as I am a union member and they have always supported our causes, fair wages, health care, etc... But the National Democratic Party is a welfare check, thats where we are getting fuc*ed..I hopr that Cunningham will support our cause and continue to fight for the working men and woman...