Thursday, April 29, 2010

****ALERT**** (update)

MTGP has received more information regarding the 3 male blacks burglarizing a home on the 3400blk of 116th St. A concerned citizen observed the burglary suspects fleeing a pursued the white Chevy Malibu with Indiana temp tags to I-57. The suspects went S/B on I-57. Information later obtained is that the numbnuts traded in their Malibu at an Indiana car dealership, possibly using their real names, for a Cadillac, unknown color. Now, this information is from a very reliable source, but if MTGP is wrong, please inform us of the details we are missing. New lookout information.

3 male black individuals driving a Cadillac, possibly still with an Indiana temp tag.


MTGP fixed the 2211's Sex Offender database link and added a Cook County and Illinois Department's of Correction inmate search link. MTGP feels that an informed public is a safer public. Look over any inmates that you might know of that have lived in the neighborhood and see if any of them are getting out of jail soon. Then let us know who they are and we can post their photos and info online.

Call 911

Call 911 anonymously anytime you someone or something suspicious. For years, individuals in other communities have been calling the police for everything from their 10 year old kid not going to school to the neighbor's dog crapping in their yard. And for years, CPD has had to respond to all of those calls. Well, let's increase the call volume at the 911 center for the Mount Greenwood area. Doing so would encourage the powers that be to keep 2211 on the beat. Make it so everyone that does not seem to belong in the neighborhood not feel comfortble in staying because they are being watched by the community every chance they get.

Now here is a little piece of advice for calling 911. Be descriptive, and state everything an individual is doing. A head to toe description of sex, race, age, clothing, tattoos, jewelery, etc. State the things that raised the hairs on the back of your neck that compelled you to call 911. Things like someone looking into a car, someone checking doorknobs on homes, trespassing on property, pacing back and forth on the sidewalk, etc. If you call into 911 and state you see a suspicious person, they are going to ask what makes them suspicious. Give them a reason, and then demand service. If you so choose to remain anonymous, remain anonymous. You do not have to give your name.

As a side note to this, I would also ask that you post your suspicions and 911 call on this website. Only do this when you feel that the threat has ended. MTGP needs to get the information out to our community so that when others see the same person or problem, they too will know to call 911. If there are enough calls, that problem will go away, either on its own, or in handcuffs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Section 8 trouble homes in Mt. Greenwood

MTGP has heard of a particular house going Section 8 on 111th and Spaulding. Does anyone have any details of this? From the rumor, a police fighting family is moving in. I know section 8 has come and gone in our neighborhood before, MTGP just wants to be aware, and the citizens need to be aware of the type of people that are moving in amongst us. Those who are the police and may read this need to know for their safety and for the safety of the citizens they work for. We as citizens have to have our police officer's backs when or if they need to engage any problem individuals living in our community. Please keep the citizens of Mount Greenwood updated on this house and family as well as any other houses or families they may be bringing violence, gang or drug crimes to the community.

Funeral procession problems

Mt Hope Cemetery funeral procession gone awry? Gangbanger funeral? Shots fired call? Just drove by the scene. 115th St W/B was shut down and a very large funeral procession was occuring. I also heard on the radio that shots were potentially fired? Anyone have any information on this, let MTGP know in comments or email.

MTGP's take on this. Mt. Hope Cemetery is located in unincorporated Cook County. If there is a problem at that cemetery where traffic control or crowd control is needed, the Cook County Sheriff's Office needs to take care of it. They are more than ready to sit at the entrance on 115th St and look for revenue from traffic stops. Take the good with the bad. Take care of your area. Leave our 22nd Dist cars available for the protection of our neighborhood, especially 2211.

Who would have thought the dead would be causing this many problems?

***ALERT*** (reminder)

Remember, we have a pattern developing in the neighborhood.

3 Male blacks driving around in possibly a white Malibu with a alternate colored hood. They have attempted to gather information about whether an owner was home with a ding dong ditch and have entered an unlocked front door of a residence until they were scared off by an owner.

There have been 3 robberies or attempted robberies in the neighborhood as well. In one of these robberies, a white vehicle was described with multiple male black offenders inside. Be vigilant and report anything seen.

Our Police

Our police should be respected and given the support they need to get the job done. Occaisionally, MTGP might get upset with the location of 2211 and 2211A, but this should not be taken as an assault against the officers that work those units. The criticism is for the CPD brass that let those beats get used in ways they are uninteneded for. The criticism is also for the politicians that have left the CPD short of officers for those areas of the city that pay the most in taxes, and get the lesser end of services. MTGP hates hearing of units being moved to Englewood, Roseland, Harrison at the expense of those communities that generally know how to behave and act like Mount Greenwood, Beverly, Garfield Ridge etc. MTGP is more than willing to call out any administrative entity within CPD and the city of Chicago that chooses to short its higher tax paying citizens of the needed protection they pay for.

Your Sex Offenders

Something people don't normally think about are the sex offenders that are on the beat. Even though the names do not include the unknown, it is good to be aware of who is living in our neighborhood and who to avoid, especially if you have children. Linked below is the registered sex offender database for 2211.

2211's Sex Offender Database

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2211A, why do we have it?

Okay, it is MTGP's understand that 2211A was created to add that 2nd car to 2211's beat to maintain a vehicle on the beat at all times. Why? Because sometimes 2211 gets called off the beat. Especially at a time when the city of Chicago has been downsizing its police department. MTGP is asking this rhetorical question because MTGP heard that last night, 2211A was posted on a fixed patrol post from 113th to 117th and Church st? Wait a second, that is not on 2211's beat? So, a vehicle with the beat number 2211 included in it was not assigned to 2211. Hmmm...makes you wonder if anyone really cares about Mount Greenwood. If you are going to assign 2211A to any beat for a fixed post, why not in a location on 2211? Just a thought. MTGP guesses the powers that be, with the low number of police officers, have decided to use their assigned resources wherever they so choose, except where they are supposed to be used. This needs to be addressed to the 22nd district as well as to the 19th ward alderman's office. If there is enough pressure, the powers that be will reassign 2211A to its rightful place, on 2211's beat.


Be on alert. In the last two months, a few robberies, armed and unarmed have occured in the neighborhood. Also, a burglary occured even more recently. Here is the offender information MTGP has received.

3 male black offenders late teens to 20's

driving a white 4-door, possible malibu, with some damage

potentially armed with a handgun

These offenders have approached individuals on foot and robbed people during the night and day.

One of these offenders burglarized a home in broad daylight but were scared off by the owner.

When you are driving through the neighborhood, or walking your dog and you see someone that is matching any of these descriptions, call 911. Document what you see and be prepared to be a witness to any crime. Gather plate information, descriptions of clothing, facial hair, hats etc. and pass that information along to the police as well as on this blog. It is necessary for all in the neighborhood to know what is going on, not just the police.

New Site

This site has been created to update the tax paying citizens of Mount Greenwood in the city of Chicago of the crime that is occuring in their neighborhood. MTGP(Mount Greenwood Protection) will post updates on crimes occuring in the neighborhood as well as suspect information made available to us. Our city has been neglecting one of its highest tax paying bases on the southside of protection for a long time and our only resort is to take it upon ourselves to protect this neighborhood from violence as well as potential pedophiles, and con artists that are attempting to prey upon us. There are many in this neighborhood who have the ability to protect it and at the very least, be a very good witness to potential crimes occuring. MTGP will accept emailed and commented information about what is occurring in the neighborhood and consider posting said information on the blog.

MTGP will also love hearing about the misuse of beat cars assigned to protect the neighborhood as well as any information by the powers that be that control assignments in the 22nd district. MTGP posts that because MTGP had heard that 22nd district tact teams were not allowed to go west of Bell. MTGP posts that as a rumor, but all rumors need to be aired and debated as fact or fiction.

This website will only work with factual information provided to us and community participation. Remember, this is our neighborhood and we welcome anyone to the neighborhood that is willing to promote good. However, we need to be prepared and aware of the evil that is lurking right under our noses and be willing to take action when necessary. MTGP does not advocate taking action into your own hands, but definitely calling 911 when necessary as well as documenting all that you see so that you can be that good witness.