Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attempted Robbery

Attempted armed robbery on Friday, July 30th at 10547 S. Artesian at approximately 1:45 a.m. Young man was walking back from the bars and was approached by two black males, one from behind and one in front. Black males pointed a gun at him and demanded he turn over everything he had, to which the young man replied he did not have anything. Offenders became quite angry and began running off, while SHOOTING their gun in the direction of the victim. A neighbor's car windows were shot out in the process. Victim chased the offenders to their getaway car around in the alley and got a plate number. Getaway car came back stolen. No arrests made.

We all go out and have a tasty beverage from time to time. After a night of partying and enjoying yourself, you have to attempt to be conscious after you leave. You are entering a world where police protection is slim and the evil element is around you and hunting.

Our advice, team up for walking trips to cars, cabs, etc. If you are the police and decide to go out drinking, BRING YOUR GUN! If you have to use the gun while you have some alcohol in your system, so be it. Dare the city and county to prosecute or throw you under the bus for protecting yourself or someone else. It would result on egg in the face of those politicians. We'll take life over our job in every instance.

Also, remember these assholes that did this are still out there. They were bold to attempt it on a weekend night. They didn't win, but they learned from their experience. An experienced robber is much worse than the first time robber. Be on alert when at the bars.

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